Yds2-35 Convenient Portable Liquid Nitrogen Container

Yds2-35 Convenient Portable Liquid Nitrogen Container

  Panshi liquid nitrogen tank is made of aviation aluminum and structured with high-vacuumed super adiabatic multi-layers. It is light by weight and the daily evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen is very low.

Yds2-35 Convenient Portable Liquid Nitrogen Container

  YDS series liquid nitrogen container(2L-400L)

  1. High-strength aluminum alloy structure,portable, light empty weight ,stainless steel

  2. The lockable device can be installed to the container lid upon customer's requirements so as to protect stored biological samples (limit for 50mm,80mm and 125mm calibers)

  3. Encoding system is applied on canisters in stainless steel for easy recognition and convenient accessing of samples

  4. 5 years of vacuum quality guarantee and 2 years overall is ensured with the multi-layer thermal isolation design.

  5.Lower evaporation loss and longer holding time

  6.Applicable for long distance and frequent transportation;3 lockable wheels for easily moving(suitable for 50L or above type)

Yds2-35 Convenient Portable Liquid Nitrogen Container

  Liquid nitrogen containers manufactured by rust-proof aluminum alloy, have high-vacuum multi-layer super-insulation structure and light weight. It is widely used in animal husbandry, health care and scientific research departments. It can also be applied to national defense, scientific research, machinery, medical, electronics, metallurgy, energy and other sectors. With the development of science and technology and the needs of industrial and agricultural production, it will spread and apply rapidly, and show a bright future.

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