Liquid Nitrogen Container Liquid Nitrogen Tank Dewar Flask

Liquid Nitrogen Container Liquid Nitrogen Tank Dewar Flask

  Panshi liquid nitrogen tank is made of aviation aluminum and structured with high-vacuumed super adiabatic multi-layers. It is light by weight and the daily evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen is very low.

Liquid Nitrogen Container Liquid Nitrogen Tank Dewar Flask

  Products use guidelines

  1, Liquid nitrogen is ultra low temperature products (-196 ℃), in use process to prevent frostbite.

  2, Operating in liquid nitrogen freezing and access items faster, pay attention to gentle with, avoid content thawing, causing unnecessary losses.

  3, In the use and storage of liquid nitrogen in the room, to maintain good ventilation, to avoid space hypoxia, cause choking.

  4, Because the liquid nitrogen without sterilization, so the contact of liquid nitrogen appliances should pay attention to disinfection.

  5, Transportation using transport tanks, banning use of the storage tank .

  6, Liquid nitrogen tank vacuum nozzle valve seals seals, quiet, can not damage.

  7, Liquid nitrogen tank storage items for a long time, pay attention to the timely supplement of liquid nitrogen.Liquid nitrogen level is not lower than cold storage items as appropriate.

  8, Check the liquid nitrogen storage, can use weighing method or the flashlight beam method, can also be fine wood, bamboo poles into the liquid nitrogen tank in the frost height (equal to the height of liquid level) method. But do not use a hollow tube insertion, in order to avoid the liquid nitrogen from the tube out of spatter wounding.

Liquid Nitrogen Container Liquid Nitrogen Tank Dewar Flask

  The liquid nitrogen tank maintenance

  The liquid nitrogen tank idle when not in use, should rinse with clean water, the water drainage, the blower for drying at room temperature, placed ready. Liquid nitrogen tank of liquid nitrogen volatilization after, left missing material (such as frozen sperm) melt quickly, into a liquid material attached to the liner, the liner of aluminum alloy will cause corrosion, if the formation of cavity, a liquid nitrogen tank will be scrapped, so the liquid nitrogen tank of liquid nitrogen after depletion on jar in brushing is very necessary the. The specific measures are as follows: first the scrubbing liquid nitrogen tank within tube removed, liquid nitrogen is removed, placed 2 to 3 days, until the tank temperature up to 0 ℃ , and then inverted 30 degrees around the warm water, scrub with a cloth. If discover the individual melted material stick in the liner on the bottom, be sure to carefully wash clean. And then rinse with water several times, then inverted liquid nitrogen jar, placed in the indoor safety should not be overturned, the natural air dry, or as before the blower for drying. Note that in the brushing process, action to despise, pour the water temperature can not exceed 40℃ , the total weight of not more than 2kg is appropriate.

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