Liquid Nitrogen Container Yds2-35

Liquid Nitrogen Container Yds2-35

  Panshi liquid nitrogen tank is made of aviation aluminum and structured with high-vacuumed super adiabatic multi-layers. It is light by weight and the daily evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen is very low.

Liquid Nitrogen Container Yds2-35

  Dry shipper series is designed for delivery of biological samples on aircraft.There is special adsorption material inside the container to absorb and save liquid nitrogen, preventing liquid nitrogen overflow during delivery. It uses special stainless steel mesh to separate storage space and absorption material,to avoid liquid nitrogen absorption material mixed into the sample.

Liquid Nitrogen Container Yds2-35

  Product Features:

  1. Vapor cryogenic storage;

  2. Fast liquid nitrogen filling;

  3. High strength aluminum construction;

  4. Lockable lid;

  5. No liquid nitrogen overflow;

  6. Straws or vails storage is optional;

  7. Five years vacuum warranty;

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