Yds-2 2l Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Dewar For Semen

Yds-2 2l Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Dewar For Semen

  Product Details:

       1. Protective cover The cover with classic blue canvas, is sturdy to use.

       2. Lock cover It is used for holding canister and saving precious samples.

       3. Neck plug The loose-fitting stoppers is made of special ultralight material with low temperature resistant. It is forbidden to seal too tight for tanks.

       4. Canister

  We have 3 Canisters (3 or 3 litre above) included for one tank. canisters are convenient to store sample.5. Neck mouth

  Liquid nitrogen tanks include 50mm, 80mm, 125mm, 210mm caliber.6. Vacuum port

  The vacuum port is covered of silicone cap.

  Remember not to open it.

Yds-2 2l Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Dewar For Semen

  Xinxiang Panshi Instruments Co. Ltd. is China Aviation Industry Group subsidiary, is the production of cryogenic container company, located in Xinxiang City, Henan province.

  The company developed and produced the "aviation" brand liquid nitrogen biological container products, with 40 years of product history. The three time was named the national silver quality products, the product quality, become well-known products in the domestic industry

  Give full play to the company core technology and military enterprise advantage, more than 40 years of dedicated high-quality cryogenic containers are developed from 1 liters to 400 liters, cryogenic containers are 50 kinds of different specifications, are widely used in scientific research, aerospace, medical, biological, animal husbandry and other fields.

Yds-2 2l Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Dewar For Semen

  Main Characteristics:

  * High-strength aluminum alloy structure, light empty weight.

  * The lockable device can be installed to the container lid upon customer's requirement so as to protect biological samples stored ( limit for 30mm, 50mm, 80mm calibers)

  * Encoding system is applied on canisters for easy recognition and convenient accessing of samples.

  * More than 5 year vacuum quality guarantee is ensured with the multi-layer thermal isolation design.

  We can also supply the related accessories such as all the kinds of canisters, liquid nitrogen level alarm, liquid nitrogen cart, transfer pump, protective shealth, lockable device, container racks and level measure meters.

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