Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Flask

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Flask

  Product Details:

       1. Protective cover The cover with classic blue canvas, is sturdy to use.

       2. Lock cover It is used for holding canister and saving precious samples.

       3. Neck plug The loose-fitting stoppers is made of special ultralight material with low temperature resistant. It is forbidden to seal too tight for tanks.

       4. Canister

  We have 3 Canisters (3 or 3 litre above) included for one tank. canisters are convenient to store sample.5. Neck mouth

  Liquid nitrogen tanks include 50mm, 80mm, 125mm, 210mm caliber.6. Vacuum port

  The vacuum port is covered of silicone cap.

  Remember not to open it.

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Flask

  We mainly supply:

  1)High Purity Industrial Gas: Helium,Argon, Acetylene,Propane,Oxygen,Nitrogen,CO2, etc

  2) Electrical gas, Stanrdard gas and All kinds of mixed gas.

  3) Liquid Gas: Liquid Argon, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen

  4)Medical Grade Gas: (Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide Gas,Medical Mixed gas)

  5) Vaporizer, Cryogenic Filling Pump,Cylinder Rack,Storage tank, Oxygen/Acetylene plant, Gas Supply Piping Project

  6) All kinds of accessories for gas equipments and piping projects.

  Other Gas Products and Gas Equipments,please kindly check.

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Flask

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  Customized liquid nitrogen cylinder color, cap type, valve model no. and stampling are accapted.

  Every liquid nitrogen cylinder will be tested before the delivery.

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