Liquid Nitrogen Container Ln2 Dewar Flask

Liquid Nitrogen Container Ln2 Dewar Flask


  Q: What products I can order from your company?

  A: We specialize in producing cryogenic liquid storage nitrogen tank, veterinary ultrasound machine, laboratory ice machine etc. Any interests you can feel to contact us for details.

  Q: What is your production standard?

  A: Our company has obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, CE.

  Q: Have you supplied tanks to any renowned companies?

  A: Large distributors, livestock farms, government tenders

Liquid Nitrogen Container Ln2 Dewar Flask

  Oil Storage Tank:

  Oil Storage Tank ivides into vertical tanks and horizontal tank.

  Inner container is polishing to Ra0.45μm

  Exterior adopt mirror board or frosting board for heat preservation

  And thermal insulating materials can be filled according to users’ requirements

Liquid Nitrogen Container Ln2 Dewar Flask

  Small Capacity Liquid Nitrogen Container

  These small capacity containers are designed for transferring biological samples stored via manual work. They are light, portable and economical, with lower static evaporation loss.

  Main Features:

  ●High-strength aluminum alloy structure, light empty weight;

  ●Multi-layer thermal isolation design;

  ●Hinged handle, portable;

  ●Optional locking cover to protect stored biological samples;

  ●Protective jacket to prevent collision, portable.

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