Liquid Nitrogen Tank Dewar Chart Mve Et-3 Farm Use Container

Liquid Nitrogen Tank Dewar Chart Mve Et-3 Farm Use Container

  Aviation brand liquid nitrogen biological containers with the characteristics of light weight, easy to carry, good refrigerating performance, are widely used in animal husbandry, medical treatment, scientific research that use liquid nitrogen as refrigerant to storage semen, embryos, strains, vaccines, skin, organs, and other alive material as well as industrial, including cryogenic treatment, cold assembly, instruments, and the original cooling, and hairdressing, cryosauna, etc.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank Dewar Chart Mve Et-3 Farm Use Container

  Transport-type liquid nitrogen biological container

  The family of products is the need for manual transfer or transport of biological samples in liquid nitrogen, especially in mountainous areas, grasslands and the design of the user. With a compact and lightweight, easy to carry. Static evaporation of liquid nitrogen on low, the use of economic advantages.

  1. The use of high-strength aluminum alloy air standards(GBn168-82) manufacturing, therefore light weight products.

  2. The products are tailor-made earthquake structure, sturdy and durable, not easily damaged.

  3. Cylinders can be numbered to facilitate identification of the storage of samples.

  4. With a set of products to protect and prevent the use of products in the bump, bruises.

  5. Product key parts neck tube, thermal conductivity at low temperature low, high mechanical strength, color, beautiful, easy to identify.

  6. Products from the high vacuum multi-layer insulation designed to provide a vacuum of not less than five years of quality assurance.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank Dewar Chart Mve Et-3 Farm Use Container

  liquid nitrogen container for poultry farm Main features:

  A) Inner liner is made of high strength aluminum alloy, constructed with sturdy and durable.

  B) Between the liner and the outer liner is a high vacuum, vacuum film with multilayer insulation material, It works with good refrigerating performance.

  C) Neck plug is made of nontoxic plastic good adiabatic property, it has dual role to reduce the liquid nitrogen evaporation and fixed lifting cylinder.

  D)Neck tube is enhanced compounds made of glass, it has the extremely low thermal conductivity, can be put into the external heat control at the lowest temperature from cervical canal.

  E)WithIn a vacuum, part of which is equipped with a gas adsorbing agent, it can adsorb gas metal vacuum cavity or other substances volatile out, in this way to maintain a high vacuum.

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