Liquid Nitrogen Container Chart Mve Et-35 Farm Use Container

Liquid Nitrogen Container Chart Mve Et-35 Farm Use Container

  Aviation brand liquid nitrogen biological containers with the characteristics of light weight, easy to carry, good refrigerating performance, are widely used in animal husbandry, medical treatment, scientific research that use liquid nitrogen as refrigerant to storage semen, embryos, strains, vaccines, skin, organs, and other alive material as well as industrial, including cryogenic treatment, cold assembly, instruments, and the original cooling, and hairdressing, cryosauna, etc.

Liquid Nitrogen Container Chart Mve Et-35 Farm Use Container

  Reference tube:

  The use of stainless steel manufacture, the middle by the low-temperature-resistant glass made of glass cloth wrapped to prevent conduction of liquid nitrogen, get the convenience. The series products are multi-layer tube to a square stainless steel box, designed for biological instifutes, the design of the hospital store.

  Cover lock:

  1. The use of high-strength aluminum

  2. With anti-corrosion resistance, low temperature of liquid nitrogen to prevent Frost Crack, the advantages of cold collapse.

  3. By the next filp the clamshell and is composed of two parts, the user can lock(lock the other purchase by the user). In favor of biological sample storage containers to preserve the security and management.

  Liquid level alarm:

  Automatically monitoring the storage of containers of biological samples when the temperature over the range of temperature control for sound, light alarm, ensure the safety of storage of samples. Adjustable temperature control range of products to 0-196°C, a resolution of 1°C.

Liquid Nitrogen Container Chart Mve Et-35 Farm Use Container

  The liquid nitrogen tank commonly known as biological liquid nitrogen container, in the rapid development of science and technology today, the use of the liquid nitrogen tank is more and more widely. It not only can be used for medical, biological research, University experiment and prevention unit, more commonly used in the life of beauty, wedding and other industries, the use of it in line with the social development, to meet the different customer groups. For medical and scientific research on the tank is the main storage type liquid nitrogen container, used for static indoor long time preservation of bovine semen, embryos, stem cells, skin, internal organs, vaccines and other bioactive material.

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