Ydh13-80 Dryshipper For Human Embryo Storage In China

Ydh13-80 Dryshipper For Human Embryo Storage In China

  Working principle:

       (1)The liquid nitrogen storage tank consists of an inner container,an outer container ,a canister and a neck tube lingking two containers above. The strength durable inner container and outer container are made up of high strength aluminum alloy.

  (2) The tank employs multi-layer thermal insulation material in high vacuum space between the inner and outer containers. Therefore it has excellent performance of deep freezing.

  (3) The neck tube is made of reinforced glass plastic which has the lowest heat conduction coefficient, and for this reason it can control outside heat coming into the container from the neck tube to the minimum limit.

Ydh13-80 Dryshipper For Human Embryo Storage In China

  Transport-type liquid nitrogen biological container

  The family of products is the need for manual transfer or transport of biological samples in liquid nitrogen, especially in mountainous areas, grasslands and the design of the user. With a compact and lightweight, easy to carry. Static evaporation of liquid nitrogen on low, the use of economic advantages.

  1. The use of high-strength aluminum alloy air standards(GBn168-82) manufacturing, therefore light weight products.

  2. The products are tailor-made earthquake structure, sturdy and durable, not easily damaged.

  3. Cylinders can be numbered to facilitate identification of the storage of samples.

  4. With a set of products to protect and prevent the use of products in the bump, bruises.

  5. Product key parts neck tube, thermal conductivity at low temperature low, high mechanical strength, color, beautiful, easy to identify.

  6. Products from the high vacuum multi-layer insulation designed to provide a vacuum of not less than five years of quality assurance.

Ydh13-80 Dryshipper For Human Embryo Storage In China

  The liquid nitrogen tank commonly known as biological liquid nitrogen container, in the rapid development of science and technology today, the use of the liquid nitrogen tank is more and more widely. It not only can be used for medical, biological research, University experiment and prevention unit, more commonly used in the life of beauty, wedding and other industries, the use of it in line with the social development, to meet the different customer groups. For medical and scientific research on the tank is the main storage type liquid nitrogen container, used for static indoor long time preservation of bovine semen, embryos, stem cells, skin, internal organs, vaccines and other bioactive material.

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