Iso Standard Cryogenic Tank Dry Shipper Ydh13-80

Iso Standard Cryogenic Tank Dry Shipper Ydh13-80

  Working principle:

       (1)The liquid nitrogen storage tank consists of an inner container,an outer container ,a canister and a neck tube lingking two containers above. The strength durable inner container and outer container are made up of high strength aluminum alloy.

  (2) The tank employs multi-layer thermal insulation material in high vacuum space between the inner and outer containers. Therefore it has excellent performance of deep freezing.

  (3) The neck tube is made of reinforced glass plastic which has the lowest heat conduction coefficient, and for this reason it can control outside heat coming into the container from the neck tube to the minimum limit.

Iso Standard Cryogenic Tank Dry Shipper Ydh13-80

  Product Features:

  1. Vapor cryogenic storage;

  2. Fast liquid nitrogen filling;

  3. High strength aluminum construction;

  4. Lockable lid;

  5. No liquid nitrogen overflow;

  6. Straws or vails storage is optional;

  7. Five years vacuum warranty;

Iso Standard Cryogenic Tank Dry Shipper Ydh13-80

  1.Inner liner is made of high strength aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable.

  2.Between the liner and the outer liner is a high vacuum, vacuum film with multilayer imported insulation material, therefore has good refrigerating performance.

  3. Neck plug is made of nontoxic plastic good adiabatic property, it has dual role to reduce the liquid nitrogen evaporation and fixed lifting cylinder.

  4. Neck tube is enhanced compounds made of glass, it has the extremely low thermal conductivity, can be put into the external heat control at the lowest temperature from cervical canal.

  5.In a vacuum, part of which is provided with a gas adsorbing agent, it can adsorb gas metal vacuum cavity or other substances volatile out, thus maintaining a high vacuum.

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