Ydh13-80 Equipment For Storing Human Embryo

Ydh13-80 Equipment For Storing Human Embryo

  Working principle:

       (1)The liquid nitrogen storage tank consists of an inner container,an outer container ,a canister and a neck tube lingking two containers above. The strength durable inner container and outer container are made up of high strength aluminum alloy.

  (2) The tank employs multi-layer thermal insulation material in high vacuum space between the inner and outer containers. Therefore it has excellent performance of deep freezing.

  (3) The neck tube is made of reinforced glass plastic which has the lowest heat conduction coefficient, and for this reason it can control outside heat coming into the container from the neck tube to the minimum limit.

Ydh13-80 Equipment For Storing Human Embryo

  Main use:

  1. the active preservation of animal semen. Is mainly used for cattle and sheep good sire and cherish the animal semen preservation and long-distance transportation.

  2. active preservation of biological samples. Vaccines, strains of bacteria, cells and human and animal organs in the biomedical field can be soaked in liquid nitrogen stored in liquid nitrogen tanks and stored for a long time. Need to use, remove, defrost, rewarming can be used

  3. cryogenic treatment of metal materials. The cryogenic treatment of metal materials with liquid nitrogen stored in liquid nitrogen tanks can change the metallographic structure of metal materials, and remarkably improve the hardness, strength and wear resistance of metal materials.

  4. deep cryogenic assembly of precision parts. After the precision parts are treated by cryogenic treatment of liquid nitrogen, the assembly quality of parts can be improved, so as to improve the overall performance of equipment or instruments.

  5. refrigeration, freezing, medical surgery, refrigeration in the health care industry.

Ydh13-80 Equipment For Storing Human Embryo

  Liquid storage tank is a containment vessel that used to store and process thousands of different industrial liquid. These tanks store water for a variety of uses from waste water treatment plants to industrial process applications.We used butt fusion welding technique to manufacture this tank therefore they are 100% leakage and corrosion proof,it is a storage tank with ultimate safe system to measure acid level in tank. These tanks are proven highly applicable for handling of different acids and other corrosive chemicals,water for longer working life.

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