Ydh-3 3l Cell Storage Dry Shipper

Ydh-3 3l Cell Storage Dry Shipper

  Working principle:

       (1)The liquid nitrogen storage tank consists of an inner container,an outer container ,a canister and a neck tube lingking two containers above. The strength durable inner container and outer container are made up of high strength aluminum alloy.

  (2) The tank employs multi-layer thermal insulation material in high vacuum space between the inner and outer containers. Therefore it has excellent performance of deep freezing.

  (3) The neck tube is made of reinforced glass plastic which has the lowest heat conduction coefficient, and for this reason it can control outside heat coming into the container from the neck tube to the minimum limit.

Ydh-3 3l Cell Storage Dry Shipper

  Cover lock: 1. The use of high-strength aluminum

  2. With anti-corrosion resistance, low temperature of liquid nitrogen to prevent Frost Crack, the advantages of cold collapse.

  3. By the next filp the clamshell and is composed of two parts, the user can lock(lock the other purchase by the user). In favor of biological sample storage containers to preserve the security and management.

Ydh-3 3l Cell Storage Dry Shipper

  Advantage of Liquid nitrogen storage tank price

  1. Corrosion resistant, durable, high in performance, easy to install and offered in different capacities

  2. Humanized structure design & easy to operate

  3. Transition area of interior wall on tank adopts arc for transition to ensure no dead corner of sanitation

  4. PU Foam Insulation are available to keep temperature

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