Ydh-3 Cryogenic Tank Dry Shipper

Ydh-3 Cryogenic Tank Dry Shipper

  Product advantage:

  1.We have 40 years of experience for liquid nitrogen tank.

  2.High-strength aviation grade aluminum alloy structure.

  3.The multi-layer thermal isolation design ensures product quality for 5 years.

  4. The products have protective cover,which can enhance the protection of the products away from reel and stumble.

Ydh-3 Cryogenic Tank Dry Shipper

  YDS series liquid nitrogen tank with small size,light weight,easy to carry,static storage on low nitrogen consumption,cost-effective advantages.

  1.The use of high-strength aluminum air,so light weight products.

  2. Products easy to long-term preservation of biological specimens,preservation of animal semen,vaccines biomedical areas/species/cell.

  3.It is equipped with protective cover,to prevent the use of the bump,bruises.

  4.Cylinder can be numbered to facilitate the identification and independent access to the safety of storage of samples.

  5. According to the needs of users with lock cover to protect the sample containers for storage security.

  6. High-vacuum muti-layer thermal design to provide no less than five years to ensure that the vacuum.

Ydh-3 Cryogenic Tank Dry Shipper

  Liquid nitrogen containers manufactured by rust-proof aluminum alloy, have high-vacuum multi-layer super-insulation structure and light weight. It is widely used in animal husbandry, health care and scientific research departments. It can also be applied to national defense, scientific research, machinery, medical, electronics, metallurgy, energy and other sectors. With the development of science and technology and the needs of industrial and agricultural production, it will spread and apply rapidly, and show a bright future. We can offer you the best choice with different specifications products.

  - High-strength aluminum alloy structure

  - with few welding lines and nice appearance

  - More than 5 years vacuum quality guaranty

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