3l Air Tansport Dryshipper For Sample Storage

3l Air Tansport Dryshipper For Sample Storage


  chemical industry: cooling of instruments and elements,etc

  agricultural field:storing semen or embryo of domestic animals,etc

  medical research:storing microbe,vaccine or organs,etc

  living area:making ice cream,etc

3l Air Tansport Dryshipper For Sample Storage

  Storage-type liquid nitrogen biological containers.

  Products easy long-term presevation of biological specimens,preservation of animal semen,vaccines biomedical areas/species/cell.l.

3l Air Tansport Dryshipper For Sample Storage

  Kindly Notes:

  1. Can only be used for filling containers with liquid nitrogen,liquid chtorine should not refillable, liquid oxygen and other gases. Containers to prevent the use of the process of collision and beat to avoid the damage of the high vocuum tank

  2. Liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid (-196 ℃), as the same may cause burns similar to frostbite on contact with skin, so special attention should be filling and removing the liquid nitrogen in

  3. can not be replaced by other special lid stopper, but can not use the sealing plug, so continuous evaporation of liquid nitrogen, the nitrogen pressure increased formation damage caused by the vessel

  4. when the liquid level in the container inspection, application and practical small plastic rod or solid small stick into the bottom, remove over 5 to 10 seconds, the length of the frost that is highly liquid

  5. long-term storage of liquid nitrogen room should ventilation window, ventilation

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