3l Dry Vapor Shippers For Biological Samples

3l Dry Vapor Shippers For Biological Samples


  chemical industry: cooling of instruments and elements,etc

  agricultural field:storing semen or embryo of domestic animals,etc

  medical research:storing microbe,vaccine or organs,etc

  living area:making ice cream,etc

3l Dry Vapor Shippers For Biological Samples


  Capacity: 3 L

  Material: Aluminum Alloy

  Diameter (mm) : 228mm

  Height (mm) : 228mm

  Static Hold Time (Day): 31 days

  Optional Locking Cover: Yes

3l Dry Vapor Shippers For Biological Samples

  liquid nitrogen container for poultry farm Main features:

  A) Inner liner is made of high strength aluminum alloy, constructed with sturdy and durable.

  B) Between the liner and the outer liner is a high vacuum, vacuum film with multilayer insulation material, It works with good refrigerating performance.

  C) Neck plug is made of nontoxic plastic good adiabatic property, it has dual role to reduce the liquid nitrogen evaporation and fixed lifting cylinder.

  D)Neck tube is enhanced compounds made of glass, it has the extremely low thermal conductivity, can be put into the external heat control at the lowest temperature from cervical canal.

  E)WithIn a vacuum, part of which is equipped with a gas adsorbing agent, it can adsorb gas metal vacuum cavity or other substances volatile out, in this way to maintain a high vacuum.

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