Yds35-80 Liquid Nitrogen Tank Artificial Insemination Equipment

Yds35-80 Liquid Nitrogen Tank Artificial Insemination Equipment

  The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, QS9000 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO/16949 quality system certification.

  Our scientific research achievements:

  l The Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing Observatory" special container for infrared cooling device by us.

  lShanghai Institute of Physics Research Institute jointly developed special satellite cryogenic vessels.

  lSouthwest Jiaotong University developed for the National 863 plan one of the world's first zone superconducting maglev experiment using cryogenic vessel, so that the experiment is successful.

Yds35-80 Liquid Nitrogen Tank Artificial Insemination Equipment

  Reference tube:

  The use of stainless steel manufacture, the middle by the low-temperature-resistant glass made of glass cloth wrapped to prevent conduction of liquid nitrogen, get the convenience. The series products are multi-layer tube to a square stainless steel box, designed for biological instifutes, the design of the hospital store.

  Cover lock:

  1. The use of high-strength aluminum

  2. With anti-corrosion resistance, low temperature of liquid nitrogen to prevent Frost Crack, the advantages of cold collapse.

  3. By the next filp the clamshell and is composed of two parts, the user can lock(lock the other purchase by the user). In favor of biological sample storage containers to preserve the security and management.

  Liquid level alarm:

  Automatically monitoring the storage of containers of biological samples when the temperature over the range of temperature control for sound, light alarm, ensure the safety of storage of samples. Adjustable temperature control range of products to 0-196°C, a resolution of 1°C.

Yds35-80 Liquid Nitrogen Tank Artificial Insemination Equipment

  In the electronics industry in the application

  1, superconducting skills

  2, electronic components manufacturing and testing

  3, cryomilling skills

  4, green machining skill

  other areas

  It is pushing agent rocket fuel, large amounts of liquid nitrogen with high pressure to rocket fuel to the combustion chamber.

  Applied in HTS power cable to open.

  Liquid nitrogen artificial rainmaking skills.

  The admission of nitrogen underground fire.

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