Chemical Storage Tank Liquid Nitrogen Container For Cryogenic

Chemical Storage Tank Liquid Nitrogen Container For Cryogenic

  Xinxiang Panshi Instruments Co. Ltd. is China Aviation Industry Group subsidiary, is the production of cryogenic container company, located in Xinxiang City, Henan province.

  The company developed and produced the "aviation" brand liquid nitrogen biological container products, with 40 years of product history. The three time was named the national silver quality products, the product quality, become well-known products in the domestic industry

  Give full play to the company core technology and military enterprise advantage, more than 40 years of dedicated high-quality cryogenic containers are developed from 1 liters to 400 liters, cryogenic containers are 50 kinds of different specifications, are widely used in scientific research, aerospace, medical, biological, animal husbandry and other fields.

Chemical Storage Tank Liquid Nitrogen Container For Cryogenic

  We adopt highly vacuumed multi-circle insulation technology to produce the biological liquid nitrogen containers ,which have good performance of low temperature insulation ,and evaporation can be let down to minimum.So,the containers can be widely used of farming ,medical treatment ,scientific research,machine manufacture and other areas,In these areas liquid nitrogen can be used as cryogenic to store the animal's semen,vaccine ,toadstool,other biology samples,cold metal and precision parts cryogenic assembly and so on.

Chemical Storage Tank Liquid Nitrogen Container For Cryogenic

  Products use guidelines

  1, Liquid nitrogen is ultra low temperature products (-196 ℃), in use process to prevent frostbite.

  2, Operating in liquid nitrogen freezing and access items faster, pay attention to gentle with, avoid content thawing, causing unnecessary losses.

  3, In the use and storage of liquid nitrogen in the room, to maintain good ventilation, to avoid space hypoxia, cause choking.

  4, Because the liquid nitrogen without sterilization, so the contact of liquid nitrogen appliances should pay attention to disinfection.

  5, Transportation using transport tanks, banning use of the storage tank .

  6, Liquid nitrogen tank vacuum nozzle valve seals seals, quiet, can not damage.

  7, Liquid nitrogen tank storage items for a long time, pay attention to the timely supplement of liquid nitrogen.Liquid nitrogen level is not lower than cold storage items as appropriate.

  8, Check the liquid nitrogen storage, can use weighing method or the flashlight beam method, can also be fine wood, bamboo poles into the liquid nitrogen tank in the frost height (equal to the height of liquid level) method. But do not use a hollow tube insertion, in order to avoid the liquid nitrogen from the tube out of spatter wounding.

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