63l Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder With Square Stainless Steel Pails

63l Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder With Square Stainless Steel Pails

  Our company liquid nitrogen biological container is a high-tech products, which mainly used for livestock breathing of forzen storage of semen (artificial insemination), human organs, skin, blood, cells cryopreserved in the low-temperature operation, industrial cooling assembly, the metal material cold treatment, grinding, such as superconducting magnet is also an indispensable instrument essential. With the development of science and technology and the need of industrial and agricultural production, it will be the promotion and application of rapid and show a bright

63l Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder With Square Stainless Steel Pails


  standing indoor long bull semen, embryos, stem cells, skin, internal organs, vaccines, laboratory specimens are preserved, the mechanical components of the cooling and cooling, cold therapy for hospital use.


  The series of products with small size, light weight, easy to carry, compact and lightweight, static storaqe on low nitrigen consumption, cost-effective advantages.

  1.The use of high-strength aluminum air, so light weight products.

  2.Products easy to long-term preservation of biological specimens, preservation of animal semen, vaccines biomedical areas/species/cell.

  3.Itis equipped with protective cover, to prevent the use of the bump, bruises.

  4.Cylinder can be numbered to facilitate the identification and independent access to the safety of storage of samples.

  5. According to the needs of users with lock cover to protect the sample containers for storage security.

  6. High-vacuum multi-layer thermal design to provide no less than five years to ensure that the vacuum.

63l Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder With Square Stainless Steel Pails

  Small Capacity Liquid Nitrogen Container

  These small capacity containers are designed for transferring biological samples stored via manual work. They are light, portable and economical, with lower static evaporation loss.

  Main Features:

  ●High-strength aluminum alloy structure, light empty weight;

  ●Multi-layer thermal isolation design;

  ●Hinged handle, portable;

  ●Optional locking cover to protect stored biological samples;

  ●Protective jacket to prevent collision, portable.

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