How big a liquid nitrogen tank is for liquid nitrogen ice cream

The use of liquid nitrogen tanks is not only for the storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen, cryogenic treatment of metal materials, refrigerating and freezing in the medical and health industry, medical surgical refrigeration, but also for making liquid nitrogen ice cream. How about?


Business is very strong, two 10L and three 30L liquid nitrogen tanks are recommended. In general, two 10L and one 30L. In general, first buy two 10L, and then see how the business can be added. How much configuration depends on your turnover rate and how far away you are from liquid nitrogen. You can match less if you are near; more if you are far away. And one liter of liquid nitrogen ice cream can make about 7 servings of ice cream and one serving of 5 balls, that is, 35 liquid nitrogen ice cream balls can be made.


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