Function of various parts of liquid nitrogen tank

1. The neck plug is made of plastic with good thermal insulation, which has the dual functions of reducing liquid nitrogen evaporation and fixing the lifting cylinder. There is a high vacuum between the inner and outer bladder, and the vacuum chamber is equipped with multiple layers of thermal insulation material, so it has good refrigeration performance.


2. The neck tube is made of epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic. It has extremely low thermal conductivity and can minimize the external heat entering from the neck tube. The container is composed of an inner bladder, an outer bladder, a carrying tube and a neck tube connected to the inner and outer bladder. The inner and outer tanks are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is durable.


3. A gas adsorbent is installed in the vacuum part, which can adsorb the volatilized gas from the metal or other substances in the vacuum chamber, thereby maintaining high vacuum for a long time. The lifting cylinder is placed in liquid nitrogen and is used to store frozen items. The upper part of the lifting cylinder is fixed by the small groove of the neck plug and the gap of the dial to ensure stability during transportation.

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