Liquid nitrogen leakage emergency treatment

  When the concentration of inhaled nitrogen is not too high, the patient initially feels chest tightness, shortness of breath, weakness and weakness; then there is irritability, extreme excitement, running, screaming, screaming, gait instability, called “nitrogen strontium”, which can enter drowsiness. Or coma. High concentrations may cause suffocation. Choking may result in loss of consciousness without warning, which is very fast and the victim cannot protect himself. The hypoxic person should be carried to the air circulation. If you can't breathe, you need to take artificial respiration and provide oxygen, and seek medical attention immediately.

  skin contact:

  1. Take off some parts of the frostbite and do not rub the frostbite to avoid tissue damage.

  2. Rinse the frostbite with hot water not exceeding 40 °C. Do not heat with hot air. Seek medical attention immediately.

  3. Frostbite muscle tissue is painless and exhibits a yellowish color. When it begins to thaw, the skin feels swollen, painful, and prone to infection. If the frozen part of the body has been thawed, it should be covered with a dry sterile cloth and wrapped in a large protective cover for medical treatment. For large-scale frostbite, first take off your clothes, then rinse with warm water and ask a doctor for treatment.

  Eye contact: Immediately flush frostbited eyes with warm water not exceeding 40 °C.


  Leakage treatment:

  1. Immediate evacuation of personnel from contaminated areas, and isolation, strict restrictions on access.

  2. Personnel handling leaks must take protective measures.

  3. Increase the amount of ventilation in the area and monitor the oxygen content.

  4. Spray a large amount of water from the headwind to the leak area.

  5. If the liquid nitrogen tank or its valve leaks, please contact the manufacturer's emergency number and do not spray water at the leak.

  6. If the leak is in use, shut off the container valve and relieve pressure before repairing.

  7. Persons are prohibited from staying in low-lying or leeward areas.

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