Application of liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology in meat products

During the freezing processing of meat products, the freezing rate is a key factor affecting the quality of meat products. Studies have found that liquid nitrogen quick freezing can improve meat product quality, health and safety, and extend the shelf life of meat products. It may be due to rapid freezing to form small ice crystals in the meat tissue structure, which reduces the damage to the muscle microstructure and reduces the quality of meat products. Decline and loss of nutrition.

However, it is also said that ultra-quick freezing and low-temperature storage of liquid nitrogen have little or no effect on beef. In other words, too much pursuit of freezing speed has no obvious effect on the production of high-quality meat products, and is not conducive to reducing production costs.


Therefore, during the liquid nitrogen freezing processing of meat products, a reasonable freezing rate needs to be controlled to ensure the quality of meat products, and ultra-speed or slow-speed freezing is not suitable for large-scale industrial production of meat products.

Liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology is a kind of cold food processing technology, which has been widely used in food processing and other fields. The basic principle of liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology and its application status in food at home and abroad are expounded, and the application prospect of liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology in the field of food cold processing is prospected.

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