How to check the liquid nitrogen tank

The liquid nitrogen tank is a container mainly used for storing and transporting liquid nitrogen. Currently, it is used as a tube tube, not only for storing liquid nitrogen, but also for medical, cosmetic, cold processing of metals, and preservation of animal mirrors. In general, liquid nitrogen tanks are used. How to conduct acceptance.

Before using the liquid nitrogen tank, you must first check whether the shell is recessed and whether the vacuum exhaust port is intact. If it is damaged, the degree of vacuum will be reduced, and in severe cases, it cannot be insulated, which will affect the use value of the liquid nitrogen tank.


Then check the inside of the liquid nitrogen tank. If there is a foreign body, you must remove it to prevent the liner from being corroded. When filling liquid nitrogen, for new or dry liquid nitrogen tanks, it must be filled slowly and pre-cooled to prevent the inner tank from being cooled too quickly.

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