How to check the remaining amount of liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank

The use of liquid nitrogen tanks in liquid nitrogen is very widespread and very popular with liquid ammonia staff, which brings great convenience for this, but how to check the remaining liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank during use How about the amount?

1. Weigh out the weight of the empty tank first, then weigh the weight when filled with liquid nitrogen, and then subtract the weight of the empty tank to obtain the total weight of liquid nitrogen in the tank, and then weigh the liquid nitrogen every 3-5 days The weight of the tank has the disadvantage of being time-consuming and labor-intensive.


2. Take a wooden stick with a length of 80 cm, peel it and paint black, then set a scale every 5 cm from the end. When measuring, set the zero scale downward and insert it from the liquid nitrogen tank mouth to the bottom of the tank. After taking out for 5-10 seconds, the frosting length is the liquid nitrogen level in the tank. This method is not safe and the reading error is large.

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