Laboratory equipment for reducing liquid nitrogen loss

  The liquid nitrogen tank adopts high-vacuum multi-layer insulation technology and has good low-temperature insulation performance, which can reduce the liquid nitrogen evaporation loss of the storage to the minimum [Note: The liquid nitrogen volatilization amount is related to the diameter of the caliber, and the larger the diameter, the more the volatile amount Large], commonly used in laboratory research, animal husbandry, medical, food and other industries, because it can maintain a constant temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius, so laboratory research units are often used to preserve cells, animal husbandry for animal semen, vaccines, bacterial strains And the preservation of other biological samples, frozen foods commonly used in the food industry.


  In scientific research laboratories, it is often necessary to withdraw liquid nitrogen from a large liquid nitrogen sample tank to a liquid nitrogen tank that is small in size for observation and carrying. At this time, it is unknown whether the small sample tank is full or not, causing liquid nitrogen to overflow. Sprinkle on the ground, causing waste, and even causing frostbite or suffocation. Therefore, Xinxiang Zhongpanxin Industrial Co., Ltd. has introduced a device that can prevent liquid nitrogen from being poured on the ground and reduce liquid nitrogen loss. The appearance of the device is the same as that of the iron box. The upper part of the instrument can be used to insert the delivery tube and connect the small sample liquid nitrogen tank placed inside. The circumference of the instrument is closed except for the front side, and the front is set as the door. It can be switched to remove or place a small liquid nitrogen tank.

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