Transport liquid nitrogen precautions

  1. Even if the container is empty, transportation and storage can only be in an upright position.

  2. Liquid nitrogen overflows from the tank to another container. It is recommended to use a special device. The boiling point of liquid nitrogen is very low, -196 ° C, external heat flows into the Dewar, and liquid nitrogen will evaporate. Therefore, if the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank is not used for a long time, the liquid nitrogen will evaporate on its own. If you want to completely empty the container, it should be done outdoors or on the ground or gravel. Keep in mind that many materials become brittle when cooled with liquid nitrogen.

  3. Jars should not be thrown and avoided from both sides and bottom during transportation and work.

  4. The neck of the container must be closed with a standard lid with an opening to evaporate the vaporized gas. Otherwise (for example, if the insert is sealed with a neck cloth or a cotton swab) in liquid nitrogen which increases the volume by 700 times evaporation, it can create tremendous pressure and damage to the container caused by the explosion.

  5.Dewar must be filled manually or manually. In order to fill the liquid nitrogen tank with a new liquid nitrogen tank, it should be removed from the carton.


  6. When filling the Wendova bottle, liquid nitrogen must be poured slowly to avoid splashing due to rapid evaporation of the liquid phase in the vessel. It is recommended to fill the container with approximately 50% of the total volume and allow it to cool for several hours before it is completely drained. The heat balance was reached after 48 hours. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended to fill the container with liquid nitrogen until three days after the initial fill.

  7.It is important to avoid entering liquid nitrogen through the neck of the container during the filling process. If liquid nitrogen still spills, check after 24 hours and make sure there are no signs of ice on the neck before using the container again.

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