Advantages and disadvantages of magnetostrictive level gauges


1. The magnetostrictive level gauge is suitable for liquid level measurement of high-precision cleaning liquid level with an accuracy of 1mm. The accuracy of zui new product can reach 0.1mm. 2.

2. Can be applied to the boundary measurement between two different liquids.

3. The biggest advantage of magnetostriction is the extremely high resolution, which can be achieved in the micron range. A more typical application is to measure the position of the mill's load cylinder. But the design here is not the same as the level measurement. The position measurement of the hydraulic cylinder is not the hydraulic oil to drive the magnetic ring (ie, the float ball), but the movable part of the cylinder moves the magnetic ring through the mechanical structure, so the position is very clear. Usually, the precision of the thickness of the sheet for the rolling mill is usually several to several tens of micrometers, so the resolution of the magnetostrictive sensor must reach the order of micrometers.

4. Explosion-proof intelligent electronic circuit design can calculate the volume

5. Magnetostrictive level gauge * The movable parts are floats and the maintenance is extremely low. The liquid level measurement environment applied to various storage tanks is adaptable to the environment and is easy to install.

In the short-range measurement, the relative level of the radar and other liquid level gauges are extremely cost-effective and have many functions. The display has current, temperature, and interface display. This is precisely the magnetostrictive level gauge that can become one of the popular products used in gas metering stations such as gas stations today.



1. The anti-interference ability is slightly poor (generally not recommended for use in places with strong electromagnetic radiation such as power plants).

2, must be contact measurement, but the real measurement unit is not in contact with the liquid, only the protection tube is in contact with the liquid.

3, the medium is in direct contact, the requirements of the float ball seal are strict, and the viscous medium cannot be measured.

4. Installation is limited. Higher installation and maintenance requirements have led to a lack of market penetration.

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