Preparation of self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank for filling liquid nitrogen

  Preparation for self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank before filling with liquid nitrogen:

  1) Place the liquid nitrogen tank on the scale

  4) Open the exhaust valve until the pressure is less than 0.5 bar

  2) Fix the container with a chain

  5) Connect the water injection pipe

  3) Use protective gloves, goggles and earmuffs

  6) Make sure the residual pressure is less than 0.5 bar, then open the supplemental value


  After filling with liquid nitrogen:

  1) Defrostered connector using compressed air defrosting

  4) Return the filling line to the correct position

  2) When the nitrogen is exhausted, select the filling valve

  5) Close the exhaust valve

  3) Remove the supplementary line

  6) Loosen the fixed chain

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