Advantages of liquid nitrogen quick freezing

  Liquid nitrogen quick freezing has the following advantages: 1. Short freezing time, large output per unit time, high efficiency, suitable for continuous food processing, 2. Long preservation time, good food quality, low dry consumption, and good food freshness. Degree; 3, the same output of low energy consumption, cold loss is small, low operating costs; 4, less investment, more than 30% than the traditional cold storage quick freezing; 5, under ultra-low temperature, the bacteria are generally killed Or stop breeding.

  Introduction of liquid quick-freezing and fresh-keeping equipment for aquatic products: Quick freezing refers to the method in which food quickly passes through its ice crystal formation area and freezes rapidly when the average temperature reaches -18 °C. Foods undergo various changes during the freezing process, such as physical changes (volume, thermal conductivity, specific heat, dry consumption changes, etc.), chemical changes (protein denaturation, discoloration, etc.), cellular tissue changes, and organisms and microorganisms. Changes and so on. The characteristic of fast-frozen foods is to maintain the original nutritional value and color and aroma of the food to a greater extent. That is to say, it is necessary to ensure that the above various changes occurring in the food are more reversible during the freezing process.


  Advantages of liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology: Compared with foods processed by conventional freezing, the food processed by low temperature rapid freezing technology has the great advantage that the cell membrane is not destroyed, the nutrients are not lost after thawing, and the original flavor and taste of the food are maintained. And the nutritional value is even better than the fresh food even on the taste. Biological cells have a very miraculous biochemical reaction, that is, when a sudden cold cooling occurs, a kind of antifreeze substance is generated inside the cell to resist the change of external temperature. This substance is called a sugar element and is fresh on the taste. Sweet taste. For example, cabbage, green vegetables, etc., after being exposed to frost, it will feel very sweet to eat, which is the reason. Experiments have shown that such substances are also present in cells in hibernating animals. The liquid freezing technology uses low temperature and ultra-low temperature to lower the temperature of the food in a very short time, and the sugar element is produced in the food cells, and in turn, it will feel sweeter than the fresh food when it is thawed.

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