What should you pay attention to when experiencing ultra-low temperature cold therapy

  As a new experience, ultra-low temperature cold therapy is a new type of “sports black technology” that can help the human body. Its use range is also expanding. From sports rehabilitation, daily skin care to adjuvant treatment of common occupational diseases, there are ultra-low temperature cold treatments. The whole body ultra-low temperature cold treatment can not only help to treat acute and chronic sports injuries caused by body movement, but also reduce inflammation and pain, and can also treat the designated parts. Facial ultra-low temperature cold therapy has also been widely used in the field of high-tech skin care. At present, ultra-low temperature cold therapy has gradually entered the public's field of vision, occupying a place in national leisure and enjoyment consumption.

  There are three main services for cryotherapy:

  1.Whole-Body Cryotherapy

  2.Cryo Facial facial ultra-low temperature cold treatment

  3.Local Cryotherapy local ultra-low temperature cold treatment

  Among them, whole body ultra-low temperature cold treatment is more widely used. Therefore, it also has a broader consumer base. When people discuss how effective the effect of ultra-low temperature cold therapy is, how often it is widespread, it often overlooks some problems.

  For ordinary consumers, it is necessary to pay more attention to the problem of cryotherapy.

  1. Which form of cryotherapy is safer to choose?

  Ultra-low temperature cold treatment mainly uses ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen vapor to act on the body part, thereby promoting the recovery of the body. Therefore, in the case of ultra-low temperature cold treatment, it means that the contact part is in the absence of oxygen or oxygen.

  Therefore, in order to ensure smooth breathing, the use of a semi-closed cold therapy cabin is safer than a fully enclosed cold therapy cabin for ultra-low temperature cold therapy. In addition, due to the closed environment of the fully enclosed cold therapy cabin, it is not friendly to lovers with claustrophobia.

  In a fully enclosed cold therapy cabin, more clothing is generally required, including protection of the brain's nerve endings, nerve endings, etc., in order to achieve full protection. However, due to the large scope of protection, it often affects the effect of cold therapy.

  On the other hand, some institutions do not require the wearer to wear an eye mask to protect the eyes during the fully enclosed ultra-low temperature cold treatment, which may also cause damage to the nerve endings of the eyes.


  3. How long does it take to stay in the cabin to achieve results?

  After scientific verification, the time for ordinary people to perform ultra-low temperature cold therapy should be controlled within three minutes. But at the same time, due to the ultra-low temperature cold treatment, it is necessary to go through a process from pre-cooling to continuous cooling. If the experience time is less than 2.5 minutes, the effect is not obvious.

  4. What is the difference between ordinary people and athletes in terms of experience?

  Studies conducted by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom have shown that athletes have more cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions than the average person due to a large number of long-term sports, which means that the pressure capacity is better than ordinary people.

  When ordinary people perform ultra-low temperature cold therapy, they need to pay attention to the protection of the cerebral blood vessels. Once the damage occurs, the result is irreversible. This also means that it is best to avoid the brain when performing ultra-low temperature cold therapy.

  5. Who is not suitable for whole body cryotherapy?

  The principle of ultra-low temperature cold therapy is to stimulate blood vessel contraction by low temperature and reduce the temperature of skin and muscle.

  Before performing ultra-low temperature cold therapy, consult a professional cold therapy institution to find out if you are suitable for ultra-low temperature cold therapy.

  With a professional and responsible attitude, ultra-low temperature cold therapy institutions will generally ensure that you are suitable for ultra-low temperature cold therapy through consultation and inspection, and then recommend relevant experience projects.

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