Location requirements for storage and use of liquid nitrogen

      1) The location of storage and use of liquid nitrogen must be selected in the following order of priority: in a ventilated room sealed from other areas of normal occupancy, or above, as close as possible to the external wall from the normal workstation, the ground as far as possible from the normal workstation

  2) Liquid nitrogen should not be stored or used below the ground or in the corridor.

  3) All pipes and valves must be labeled or marked.

  4) All container equipment must be commissioned and delivered by qualified personnel.

  5) Store at designated workplace

  6) Dewar should not be stored in a sealed room (for example, into a cold room), as reducing ventilation may not be sufficient to mitigate spillage and general evaporation.


  7) Storage of up to 25L of liquid nitrogen dewar in the room is considered acceptable for adequate ventilation. However, a large number of small storage tanks or liquid nitrogen tanks with a capacity of more than 25 liters may require additional precautions. In these cases, consideration must be given to:

  A. The size of the room;

  B. Storage conditions and ventilation levels

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