Nitrogen tank storage safety requirements and management requirements

Nitrogen tank storage safety requirements

1. Empty bottles and solid bottles should be placed separately and clearly marked. Gas cylinders with toxic gas cylinders and gas inside the bottle can cause combustion and produce poisonous substances. They should be stored in separate rooms and equipped with anti-virus equipment or fire-fighting equipment nearby.

2. The specific time of the next inspection on the shoulder of the cylinder bottle can be put down and used before this time. When it expires, it must be sent to a special inspection agency for testing. Usually it is tested once every two years.

3. Empty bottle storage inspection, the gas in the bottle should not be used up, there must be residual pressure, the residual pressure of the permanent gas cylinder should not be less than 0.05Mpa, and it is strictly forbidden to heat the cylinder with a heat source with a temperature exceeding 40 °C.


4. There should be no trenches in the warehouse. Open flames and other heat sources are strictly forbidden. The warehouse should be ventilated and protected from direct sunlight. It should be stored in a special warehouse. The cylinder warehouse should comply with the relevant provisions of the Code for Fire Protection of Building Design.

5. The cylinder should be placed neatly, and the bottle cap should be worn. When standing, it should be properly fixed. When placed horizontally, the head should face in the same direction, confirm the stamp and color mark of the cylinder, and contain the gas. It does not meet the safety technology. Require gas cylinders to be banned

6. If it is in the summer, it should prevent the nitrogen tank from being exposed to the sun, and it is also forbidden to knock, and it is strictly forbidden to carry out the electronic welding arc.

Nitrogen tank safety management requirements

1 We need to regularly carry out safety technical education for the storage warehouse management personnel of gas cylinders, and must let the person who knows the safety knowledge of gas cylinders be responsible for the safety management of gas cylinders.

2 For the safety management requirements of nitrogen tanks, it is necessary to formulate corresponding gas cylinder safety management systems, as well as to formulate emergency response measures and equip with necessary protective equipment.

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