How does a liquid nitrogen tank spray liquid nitrogen

1. Directly pour out liquid nitrogen:

Generally, small liquid nitrogen tanks can be directly poured out from liquid nitrogen tanks. However, this method should be careful that liquid nitrogen splashes onto the skin and cause frostbite. Large TIANCHI liquid nitrogen tanks are difficult to operate and require pressure devices (liquid nitrogen pumps). Press out the liquid nitrogen and use the liquid nitrogen pump as follows:

  2. Liquid nitrogen pump:

Close the liquid nitrogen pump outlet valve (rotate clockwise, tighten), insert the liquid nitrogen pump into the liquid nitrogen tank, and rotate the lock nut in a timely direction so that the seal seals the liquid nitrogen pump and the neck of the container. (Hand tightening); otherwise, the liquid nitrogen pump can be taken out of the liquid nitrogen container.

With the foot pump on the air several times, liquid nitrogen can flow out.

Note: This device can only be used on cans with a diameter of 50mm.

3. Infusion through a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank:

(1), close the vent valve;

(2), open the booster valve;

(3) Observe the pressure gauge;

(4) When the pressure rises to 0.05MPa (0.5kg/cm2) (or when the required working pressure is reached), open the liquid outlet valve to continuously infusion.

Principle: The pressure is generated by vaporization of a small amount of liquid nitrogen in the tank, so that the container can automatically discharge liquid nitrogen, thereby supplementing other containers with liquid nitrogen.

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