What is the use of liquid nitrogen tank neck plug ; What is the material

The liquid nitrogen tank neck plug is used to block the tank mouth, reduce liquid nitrogen evaporation (the neck plug can not be sealed, it will explode), and there are a plurality of tanks on the neck plug (the containers with different volumes and different calibers) , the number of slots is different), used to fix the lifting cylinder.

Material: Liquid nitrogen tank neck plug is made of polyurethane with good heat insulation.

Note: Before lifting the liquid nitrogen tank, each lifting cylinder should be accurately fixed in the tank of the liquid nitrogen container mouth to prevent the lifting cylinder from falling into the container during transportation and covering the neck plug.


Liquid nitrogen tanks can only be closed with the corresponding neck plugs, can not be replaced by other plugs, can not use sealed plugs, so as to avoid continuous evaporation of liquid nitrogen, nitrogen pressure increases and cause damage to the container.

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