Liquid nitrogen tank area safety operation procedures

  1. Comply with the relevant regulations of the national pressure vessel operation and the "Safety Instructions for Low Temperature Operation".

  2. When working in the tank area, please wear suitable overalls, shoes and hats, wear protective gloves, and wear goggles if necessary to prevent cold liquid from hurting the skin.

  3. Liquid nitrogen must be filled in a cryogenic vessel that meets national safety standards.

  4. Overpressure is strictly forbidden during use. The opening and closing of all valves should be slow, prevent too fast and too strong, and the valve should not be tightened too tightly to avoid damage to the valve plug. If the valve is frozen due to low temperature, the closure is not strict or can not be opened. It is strictly forbidden to open and close with the force tool, and should be opened and closed after heating. If a leak is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

  5. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the hose without opening the pipeline residual liquid venting valve to prevent the liquid from being sprayed and injuring people.


  6. If there is obvious large area frost and condensation on the outer wall of the tank, stop using it immediately and find out the cause in time.

  7. If abnormal pressure in the tank is found, immediately check the booster valve and the vent valve.

  8. After the work in the liquid nitrogen tank area is finished, check the valve status to confirm that the door is locked after no hidden danger.

  9. Regularly inspect the liquid nitrogen storage tank and record the liquid level and pressure indication of the liquid nitrogen tank.

  10. When liquid nitrogen is filled, the working pressure of the liquid nitrogen tank must be controlled to be 2.0 to 3.0 barg. After filling, check whether the valves are in the correct state.

  11. If an abnormal situation is found and the site cannot be processed, the duty officer should immediately report it to the person in charge of safety.

  12. Safety monitoring of tanks and their accessories is required every year;

  13. Lock the door in time and keep the keys in a safe place.

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