What is liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature cryotherapy

  Liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature cryotherapy is that the player is immersed in liquid nitrogen at minus 100 degrees. Such treatment can effectively reduce inflammation and lactic acid, thereby accelerating the recovery of the body.

  The principle of this therapy is similar to that of ice. The principle of ice application is clear to many people: local ice can cause vasoconstriction, low tissue metabolism, and inhibition of inflammatory reactions. In addition, the low temperature also strengthens the collagen fibers, so that the injured muscles and tendons do not continue to expand.

  Liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature cryotherapy is actually an enhanced version of "ice pack".

  The workflow is that the player waits for 1 minute in a room at minus 51 ° C. After the body adapts to this temperature, it enters the “liquid nitrogen freezer”. Here, the person's body surface temperature will drop 40-50 degrees quickly, so the duration will not exceed three minutes.


  Because liquid nitrogen does not touch the player's body at all, because the Leiden Frost phenomenon exists: the liquid does not wet the hot surface, but only forms a vapor layer on it. When the player walks into the liquid nitrogen freezer, his body surface temperature is less than 100 degrees of liquid nitrogen, which is a hot surface. At this time, liquid nitrogen will not touch the player's skin, but will form an air touch to them. Isolated. Therefore, after taking certain measures, the players will not be frostbitten in a short time.

  In a cold environment, the blood will secrete anti-inflammatory proteins. After the brain senses, the blood flow in the blood vessels slows down. The blood mainly flows to the core organs of the human body, allowing the blood around the core organs to obtain oxygen. Oxygen blood spreads to other places.

  For the player, such therapy means more training and faster recovery.

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