Liquid nitrogen vacuum tube characteristics

  The liquid nitrogen vacuum tube belongs to the ultra-low temperature pipeline and is made of 304 seamless steel pipe, that is, stainless steel, which is customized according to requirements. The liquid nitrogen pipeline belongs to the GC2 level and must be completed by personnel.

  The liquid nitrogen vacuum tube belongs to the vacuum tube which is commonly used in the cold preservation mode. The second is the stainless steel tube + polyurethane foam. The vacuum tube can be directly selected. It is not necessary to calculate the thickness of the insulation layer. The thickness of the polyurethane foam is generally 100cm.


  The main features are:

  1. Reasonable structure, no sweating and low evaporation rate. Based on the introduction of ** high vacuum multi-layer insulation container manufacturing technology, the company has continuously optimized the design and manufacturing process and formed a unique vacuum tube shielding technology.

  2. The structure design is unique and reasonable, adopting reasonable compensation structure, stable performance, safe and reliable. The end of the pipe insulation support uses a balanced strength design to ensure the dual reliability of insulation and strength.

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