Use and maintenance of liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen biological container

  Liquid nitrogen use precautions

  1. Liquid nitrogen is a low temperature product and should be protected from frostbite during use.

  2. When operating and accessing frozen articles in liquid nitrogen, the speed should be fast. Pay attention to lightly, so as not to thaw the contents and cause unnecessary loss.

  3, in the use and storage of liquid nitrogen in the room, to maintain good ventilation, to avoid space oxygen deficiency, resulting in suffocation.

  4, because liquid nitrogen is not bactericidal, so contact with liquid nitrogen should pay attention to disinfection.

  5. The liquid nitrogen tank must be fixed during transportation to prevent vibration and reverse.


  Storage of liquid nitrogen in liquid nitrogen tank

  When storing liquid nitrogen tanks for a long time, pay attention to timely replenishing liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen level is preferably not lower than the refrigerated article. When checking the liquid nitrogen storage amount, the weighing method or the flashlight irradiation method may be used, and the method of using the fine wood and the bamboo raft to insert the liquid nitrogen tank according to the frosting height (equal to the liquid level) may be used. However, do not insert it with a hollow tube to prevent liquid nitrogen from rushing out of the tube and causing injury.

  Normal maintenance of liquid nitrogen tank

  Generally, after one year of use of the liquid nitrogen tank, it should be cleaned and disinfected once. Wash with neutral detergent first, then rinse with warm water not higher than 40 ° C, until the inner tank is fully dry before refilling liquid nitrogen.

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