Carry precautions of large liquid nitrogen tank and portable liquid nitrogen tank


In order to facilitate the use of liquid nitrogen tanks, accessories such as trolleys and back protectors have been added, but when handling and unloading liquid nitrogen tanks, we have to do the following rules:
1. When transporting large liquid nitrogen tanks, use trolleys, cranes or cranes to carry them. Do not use twisting protection rings to move them. Otherwise, it is easy to turn over the cylinders and cause personal injury and equipment damage.
2. Small portable liquid nitrogen tanks can be handled directly.
3. Ensure that the liquid nitrogen container is upright during operation to avoid tipping over.
4. Never allow the liquid nitrogen tank to be rolled down horizontally.
5. When transporting the truck on the container, apply the lift or crane to the cylinder.
6. After the container is loaded onto the truck, use the nylon belt to fix the position. Do not use the chain to fix it. Because the chain is fixed, it is easy to damage the surface of the cylinder and even damage the vacuum.


100L liquid nitrogen tank

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