Application of Liquid Nitrogen in Vacuum Heat Treatment

Vacuum heat treatment is a relatively advanced heat treatment method being used at home and abroad. In vacuum heat treatment, nitrogen is often indispensable. For example, when the steel piece is heated in a vacuum furnace, if the degree of vacuum is too high, in order to prevent the alloying elements in the workpiece material from volatilizing, an appropriate amount of nitrogen gas is required to be recharged in the furnace to lift the pressure of the trace gas in the furnace. For another example, in the vacuum quenching process of vacuum heating oil quenching, sometimes in order to ensure or improve the cooling ability of the quenching oil, it is necessary to refill the vacuum furnace with sufficient nitrogen before the workpiece is cooled. In high pressure gas quenching, it is necessary to rapidly charge the vacuum furnace with nitrogen gas above one atmosphere. When the steel is vacuum tempered, it is necessary to refill the nitrogen after vacuuming to achieve uniform heating of the protective gas circulation in the furnace and to achieve rapid cooling after tempering.

  The nitrogen required for vacuum heat treatment is available from a variety of sources. Since the density of liquid nitrogen is much larger than that of nitrogen, the volume is much smaller than that of nitrogen, which is convenient for transportation and storage, and is also cheaper when supplied in large quantities. Therefore, liquid nitrogen is one of the important sources of nitrogen used in vacuum heat treatment.


  In foreign countries and Shanghai, China, many manufacturers use larger dedicated storage tanks to store liquid nitrogen transported by liquid nitrogen supplier,and use nitrogen gas gradually vaporized by liquid nitrogen for vacuum heat treatment. They believe that the use of liquid nitrogen is more economical than using nitrogen in a bottled or nitrogen-based mechanism.

 Of course, it is calculated by using liquid nitrogen, or using nitrogen in a bottled nitrogen or nitrogen generator, which is related to the local gas source conditions and the amount of nitrogen used in the heat treatment plant. The price of liquid nitrogen is not only related to the purity of the liquid, but also to the amount of one purchase.

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