Catagories of Nitrogen Tanks

  With the increasing use of liquid nitrogen tanks, many customers are not clear about the types of liquid nitrogen tanks when selecting liquid nitrogen tanks. Generally, liquid nitrogen tanks are divided into 3 categories, there are storage type, transportation type and self-pressurized type of liquid nitrogen tank. However, with the development of science and technology, the air transportation type and the self-discharging liquid nitrogen tank are produced on the basis of self-pressurization, so it can be divided into 5 kinds.  


  1.Storage type liquid nitrogen tank: It is mainly used for indoor static storage of liquid nitrogen. It is generally used to store experimental specimens such as semen and watches. It is not suitable for long-distance transportation under working conditions. The general model is YDS-X series.

  2.Transport liquid nitrogen tank: Because of the special shockproof design, in addition for just being able to be stored, it can also be transported with liquid nitrogen. But we need to keep it away form strong vibration and collision. When using a small amount of liquid nitrogen in a short time or a short distance, you can use a thermos bottle (cup) and other utensils for temporary storage. When storing, it is necessary to cut a small gap of the size of a toothpick on the edge of the cover plug to discharge nitrogen for safety reason. The general model is the YDS-XB series.

  3 .Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank: It consists of infusion valve, deflation and pressure reducing valve, pressure increasing valve, double safety valve, pressure gauge, liquid level gauge, infusion tube, moving caster and container body. Working principle: because there is a self-pressurizing device inside of the container, which uses a small amount of liquid in the container to generate pressure to make the container discharge liquid nitrogen. It needs to be connected with other equipments that need to be cooled. The general model is the YDZ series.

  4 .Air transport type liquid nitrogen tank: It is suitable for liquid nitrogen tank specially developed by air transportation to improve the safety of liquid nitrogen air transportation. The inner tank of the product is provided with a liquid nitrogen absorber for adsorbing and preserving liquid nitrogen, so that even the container filled with liquid nitrogen dumped during transportation, no liquid nitrogen will be discharged. It has advantages such as less amount of liquid nitrogen evaporation and it is safer to use, particularly suitable for air transport environment. But it is more expensive comparing to other nitrogen tank models.

  5.Self-discharging liquid nitrogen tank: In fact, it is a pressurized liquid nitrogen tank equiped with a liquid nitrogen pump on the tank mouth; and a hand-clamped rubber ball is installed on the liquid nitrogen pump. When the rubber ball is squeezed, a small amount of liquid nitrogen will be sucked into the gasification chamber, and then gasification will be increased in order to generate pressure of the volume so that the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank can be discharged. Because this amount of infusion is small, it is only used by users who need a small amount of liquid nitrogen.

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