Industrial Development of Liquid Nitrogen

  Liquid nitrogen has developed rapidly in the industry in recent years. The following is the industrial technology development of liquid nitrogen.


  Liquid nitrogen is a compound synthesized under artificial conditions. Although liquid nitrogen was synthesized directly more than 140 years ago, it was only used as a stable "refractory" nitride in people's memory. After the Second World War, since the rapid development of science and technology, the need for high temperature, high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistant materials was increasing. After a long period of efforts, it was not until 1955 that liquid nitrogen was taken seriously. In the mid-1970s, liquid nitrogen ceramics with high quality, low cost and widely used applications were produced.

  China has been studying liquid nitrogen technology since the mid-1980s. The study focus on the liquid nitrogen material-porous liquid nitrogen material with the highest weight loss efficiency. The research on liquid nitrogen composite material has just started. The research on the theoretical design and experimental design of porous liquid nitrogen composite material composition system is rare. At the stage, due to the lack of relevant research data in China and abroad, China's research has been in a relatively backward position.

  Since many research units and scholars have focused more on the military industry, applied research in other fields is still largely blank. Research in this area needs to be strengthened in the future. The prediction of the dielectric constant of porous liquid nitrogen ceramics and its influence on the law of performance are not fully understood, and the research on its theoretical work and experimental work is still rare.

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