How to Choose Liquid Nitrogen Tanks for Laboratory?

  Many lab users need to use liquid nitrogen tanks when doing experiments, but they don't know which model to buy when choosing liquid nitrogen tanks, which is suitable for storing their own experimental specimens. In fact, we must first look at the amount of specimens, the size and the diameter of the specimen. Another problem is the frozen storage tubes that the experimental user needs to store. Of course, you can also contact our staff directly when you need a liquid nitrogen tank, we will choose the liquid nitrogen tank that suits you best.


  1. The amount of frozen specimens will determine the volume of liquid nitrogen tanks. If the specimens are small, the volume of small liquid nitrogen tanks should be selected. If liquid nitrogen is required, the volume of 30 liters or 35 liters of 50 mm can be selected. Nitrogen tanks are stored for storage, and the static storage time of liquid nitrogen is more than half a year.

  2. The size of the frozen specimen also determines the size of the liquid nitrogen tank. If the specimen is large, it is necessary to select a liquid nitrogen tank with a larger volume. If you purchase a small volume liquid nitrogen tank for freezing, the specimen will occupy the space of inside of the liquid nitrogen tank. Therefore, liquid nitrogen tank can only contain a little liquid nitrogen, which reduces the number of days of liquid nitrogen storage, and it may cause necrosis of frozen specimens due to lack of liquid nitrogen. So the size of the specimen is critical to the size of the liquid nitrogen container.

  3. The size of the specimen is also important for the selection of liquid nitrogen tanks. Generally, the diameter of the liquid nitrogen tank should be larger than the diameter of the frozen specimen. For example, if your specimen is 90mm in diameter, and you purchase a liquid nitrogen tank with a diameter of 80mm, your specimen will not fit in and will not meet your requirements.

  4. There are users need to store large amount of frozen storage tubes. You can choose large-diameter, large-volume liquid nitrogen tanks for the storage. Large-diameter, large-volume liquid nitrogen tanks can be placed inside a drawer-type stainless steel freezer, which is designed to store 2mm cryotubes. If the you have special requirements, we can design and customize for the you.

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