10 Things You Should Know About Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

  1. Nitrogen is an inert gas that can replace oxygen in the air. Therefore, do not install and use liquid nitrogen storage tanks in enclosed areas. Must be stored in a well ventilated area.

  2. Always ensure that all safety valves are in good condition. They prevent overpressure and explosion of liquid nitrogen tanks.

  3. Nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid that is stored in a vacuum insulated tank. Protect the liquid nitrogen tank from the corrosive environment to avoid external corrosion.


  4. Regular inspection and maintenance of liquid nitrogen storage tanks is very important. Please consult the nitrogen supplier who has installed the tank in your area. They know the better than you.

  5. Observe local regulations applicable to liquid nitrogen storage tanks. Some regulations may require a full fence of liquid nitrogen facilities, with have only one access door.

  6. If you plan to install a new liquid nitrogen tank, be sure to install it in sufficient space for tank transport for refilling. Tank trucks are typically used to deliver liquid nitrogen to a number of customers by the producer on the same day.

  7. Do not overfill the liquid nitrogen tank. It is best to indicate the minimum and maximum levels on the level gauge as a guide for refilling and reordering.

  8. Provide adequate and appropriate safety signs for the facility. Don't forget to write an emergency number next to the facility.

  9. Do not let the tank level be less than 5 inches. This is very important to maintain the vacuum of the insulated can.

  10. It is important to indicate if the valve position is open or closed. Use the purge label for this purpose. Provide complete instructions on the liquid nitrogen tank and clearly state what to do if a fault occurs.

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Sales Manager: Amanda Hou

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