How to extend the service life of liquid nitrogen tanks

  The use of liquid nitrogen tanks is definitely not a hole in the air. Liquid nitrogen tanks are highly vacuum refrigerators. The following points must be taken into account when using and maintaining liquid nitrogen tanks:

  First, a small amount of liquid nitrogen should be injected to pre-cool before use. When the temperature in the liquid nitrogen tank reaches the liquid nitrogen temperature, the liquid nitrogen is filled until the liquid nitrogen tank is filled.

  Second, the liquid nitrogen tank should be lightly handled to prevent collision and squeezing. When moving, do not drag on the ground and lift it up. Always store in a dry, well-ventilated room to prevent moisture.

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  Third, it is necessary to check the neck and neck small groove at any time, remove the ice on the neck plug in time, and do not place plastic cloth and other substances on the neck plug to increase the blockade and ensure the function of the liquid nitrogen tank.

  Fourth, when it is found that the liquid nitrogen consumption is too fast or there is water drops and hoarfrost in the vicinity of the neck of the liquid nitrogen tank, it means that the insulation function of the tank is out of regulation and liquid nitrogen cannot be retained. The specimens placed in the liquid nitrogen tank should be marked well, and should be stable, accurate and fast when picking and placing.

  Fifth, the inner cavity of the liquid nitrogen tank should be cleaned once a year to prevent erosion of the tank wall. Before washing, the liquid nitrogen in the tank should be drained and parked indoors for 2 to 3 days before preheating to room temperature, with neutral detergent. Wash and wipe, then clean and dry with clean water. The temperature of the cleaning solution and clean water should not exceed 40 °C to prevent overheating from affecting the function of the tank.

  Sixth, the liquid nitrogen tank should minimize the number of transportation and opening. If you need to transport, you must use a rope to fix it on the car, keep it upright, be careful to avoid falling, overturning, lying down, and try to prevent severe vibration.

  The method of using liquid nitrogen tanks in peacetime is very important. It is not unregulated. It needs the care of the people concerned, so that the use time can last for a long time.

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