What happens when liquid nitrogen and water collide

  At present, there are many experiments with liquid nitrogen. If liquid nitrogen and water collide, what sparks will be rubbed?

  Pour liquid nitrogen from a liquid nitrogen tank into an open container. Note that this process requires thick gloves with antifreeze. Then pick up the container and pour liquid nitrogen into the pool. You will see a lot of white smoke on the pool surface.

  The same effect is achieved when the liquid nitrogen is poured into the water and poured into the swimming pool. Some people say that when the temperature of liquid nitrogen is low, it is not necessary to freeze the water into ice? Because liquid nitrogen is slightly soluble in water and has a lower density than water, it does not sink into the water and only adheres to the surface of the water.

  Tips: Liquid nitrogen is easy to freeze and cold, so don't easily imitate video experiments to prevent frostbite.

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