How Do You Know How Much Liquid Nitrogen Is In A Liquid Nitrogen Tank

  The most important point in the maintenance of liquid nitrogen tanks is to accurately record the time of adding liquid nitrogen and the position of liquid nitrogen, so that the liquid nitrogen tank can be found to be aged or damaged in time.

  It is a common method to judge whether there is enough liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank in daily life. Some people say that the plug is taken out to see if there is liquid nitrogen mist. The presence of liquid nitrogen fog means that there is enough liquid nitrogen. The answer is: no. An empty liquid nitrogen tank can see liquid nitrogen mist even after a short period of time.

  There are two ways to measure liquid nitrogen:

  1. Insert the measured amount directly with a wooden stick;

  2. Record the weight of the liquid nitrogen tank at intervals, and then subtract the gross weight of the liquid nitrogen tank, which is the remaining liquid nitrogen.

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