Indoor storage of liquid nitrogen tanks larger than 30L

  Storage of up to 30 liters of liquid nitrogen tanks in the room is considered to be acceptable ventilation in sufficient circumstances, however, a large volume of liquid nitrogen containers exceeding 30 liters of storage capacity may require additional precautions. Considerations should be given in these cases: the size of the room; storage conditions: ventilation levels; and possible use of low oxygen level alarms. Dewar should not be stored in a sealed room (for example, in a cold room), as reducing ventilation may not be sufficient to mitigate spillage and general evaporation.

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  Using only containers designed for cryogenic liquids, cryogenic vessels (such as Dewar) are specially designed and manufactured to withstand rapid changes in extreme temperature differences when using liquid nitrogen. Even so, these special containers should be slowly filled to reduce the internal stresses that occur when any material is cooled.

  1) Do not cover or plug the inlet of any liquid nitrogen refrigerator or Dewar;

  2) Do not use plugs or other devices that can interfere with the exhaust;

  Cryogenic vessels are typically designed to operate with little or no internal pressure to cause excessive gas pressure, which can cause damage or explosion of the vessel, and periodic inspection of the equipment to ensure that there is no restriction of snow or frost.

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