How to protect yourself and others when transporting liquid nitrogen tanks

  Transport container We have to consider a problem that liquid nitrogen can replace oxygen, and if it is serious, it will cause hypoxia, so never stay in a confined space with liquid nitrogen tanks. If they leak, you may suffocate.

  • This is why you should not take an elevator with a can and take precautions to ensure that no one else is sitting.

  • Put a sign on the container stating “Warning, please wait for the next elevator, transport dangerous substances”


  • Ideally, someone should wait upstairs to accept the can, otherwise you must walk up the stairs. If you take the elevator in a time difference, or if you can't arrive in time, take out the liquid nitrogen tank and the elevator will be transported to other floors.

Liquid nitrogen container,Liquid nitrogen tank,Dewar tank

  In addition, this container can not collide during transportation, otherwise it will affect the service life and even damage the container in severe cases. When you need to move the liquid nitrogen tank during use: When a large container can't move, you can choose two people to lift, remember not to roll or pull the container.

  Note: There are many people on the train and subway, and it is inevitable that there will be bumps. After the event of a passenger panic caused by a leak in the liquid nitrogen tank filled with liquid nitrogen, it is recommended that you do not carry liquid nitrogen tanks on trains or subways. When transporting liquid nitrogen tanks, you can choose express delivery and logistics consignment, provided that the empty liquid nitrogen tanks are empty.

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