Liquid Nitrogen Handling Precautions

  1. When handling liquid nitrogen and any objects cooled with liquid nitrogen, be careful not to let liquid nitrogen touch the clothing near skin.

  2. Wear safety glasses or a face mask when transferring liquid nitrogen.

  3. Wear gloves when touching any object cooled by liquid nitrogen. The gloves should be loose, so if the liquid is poured inside, you can discard them.


  4. Only use approved unsealed liquid nitrogen containers. Never pour it into a coffee thermos. Do not seal it in any container.

  5. Do not immerse empty tube into liquid nitrogen, it may eject liquid.

  6. Do not use it in a poorly ventilated room, and do not pour liquid nitrogen onto the floor. It can replace enough oxygen to cause suffocation. Nitrogen is colorless and odorless. The cloud you see when you pour liquid nitrogen is made of condensed water vapor from air rather than nitrogen.

  6. Do not store liquid nitrogen in uncovered liquid nitrogen containers. As oxygen has a boiling point of 90.1 K, which is higher than nitrogen, oxygen can be condensed from air to liquid nitrogen. If the air in the nitrogen circulates, this liquid oxygen may increase to a level that may cause a reaction with the organic material. In the presence of liquid oxygen, it may cause serious fire.

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